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Emacs org-mode For Authoring Blog Posts

I have been using emacs for a while now and have been becoming more and more familiar with its plugins. magit is my daily driver for managing git projects at work. org-mode has been a nice addition for document formatting, note taking and organization. Recently I found out that it can also be integrated with static website generation such as blogs. Time to convert this blog to use org-mode!

Kube Sticky Project

One of the main things I missed going from RedHat Openshift to vanilla Kubernetes is the concept of switching projects. An Openshift project is simply a context associated with a particular namespace. However projects/namespaces can be switched and all subsequent commands will inherit that namespace scope. This saves me the trouble of attaching -n namespace to each and every command. I decided to write a quick and dirty ZSH plugin to take care of this by adding a kubectl project command.

Building a Keyboard From Scratch

This article was typed using the finished keyboard. Mechanical keyboards are all the rage today. Having a solid typing experience has never been as important to me as I have realized now. Often we are left to our squishy laptop keyboards, and they do get the job done. However, recently I have started to realize that a good keyboard is comparable to a good set of tires for a car, or good running shoes.

Century Ride With a Twist

This weekend I decided to do another century ride on the cycle. I currently ride an early 80s Panasonic Sport LX. This ride will take me through some beautiful hilly areas in central Texas. This trip was a little different though. I’ve been getting into botanising lately, and this trip was going to be a way to get out and make some plant observations while on the bike ride. After listening to the podcast Crime Pays but Botany Doesn’t, I became inspired to become more familiar with the landscape we live in.

Primitive Camping & Working

This summer has not been your average one. With a quarantine upon us, and a friend from Europe who planned a short visit turning into an entire summer stay! Anyhow, we were chatting and thought a camping trip would be a lot of fun and a great way to spend some time outside. With the summer months ahead, we prepared for the planned two-week trip of primitive camping across the US states of Colorado and Utah.

NixOS & Enlightenment

NixOS is the latest and greatest in terms of system configuration management. Think of how configuration management tools like Ansible or allow you to define the run-time configuration of you machine in a state-ful way. Combine that with the power of what is the Nix package manager, and you have a Linux distribution that follows this model for configuring the entire system. My Nixos/Enlightenment desktop. NixOS Experience I decided to test drive NixOS and see what I thought.

JenkinsX on Kubernetes Cluster-API

JenkinsX is the next iteration of the Jenkins CI engine that is geared towards a cloud-native kubernetes setting. Instead of the more broad approach taken previously, JenkinsX focuses on Kubernetes native continuous-integration by relying on an engine Tekton to define its jobs and pipelines inside of kubernetes. Cluster-API AWS I’m using CAPA Cluster-API provider for AWS as my workload Kubernetes cluster. I manage this cluster locally with a control plane defined using Kind.

Tour de Taiwan Part 2

This is a continuation of the Taiwan bicycling trip. It commences as a direct flight from Taipei to Osaka. The trip was designated an exploratory adventure in Japan, and it was convenient because the flight connection allowed this leg of the journey to take place. I likely would have not included Japan in the itinerary but because I had been given a great deal with ANA Airlines, this was made possible.

Tour de Taiwan

This is a Giant Cycling Adventures trip that was inspired from my first trip to Taiwan and biking the countryside. This trip is a formal tour that circles the entire island! Day 1 - Starting in Florida My trip began as a business trip in Tampa. I woke up around 4AM and caught a taxi to the airport to get on a flight Houston. The trip connected in Houston and then to Japan via ANA Airlines.


A weekend trip to Canada! This adventure was another cycling-inspired trip that had me visiting the beautiful Canadian province of Nova Scotia. After hearing about the terrific cycling infrastructure in the Halifax area, I decided it was well worth a trip up for a long weekend. At the time I was traveling for business to the Washington D.C. area, and I was already booking travel every weekend. This was a great opportunity, because I was already on the east coast, so Halifax was not to difficult to get to.