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Kube Sticky Project

by bagnaram

One of the main things I missed going from RedHat Openshift to vanilla Kubernetes is the concept of switching projects. An Openshift project is simply a context associated with a particular namespace. However projects/namespaces can be switched and all subsequent commands will inherit that namespace scope. This saves me the trouble of attaching -n namespace to each and every command. I decided to write a quick and dirty ZSH plugin to take care of this by adding a kubectl project command.

Getting the current project.

kubectl project
Current project: default
Usage: _kcl project <namespace>
kubectl get pods
No resources found in default namespace.

Switching project

kubectl project test
Set current project to test

All subsequent commands inherit the project’s namespace.

kubectl get pods
NAME                              READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
test-fddbfcd5c-kjmvk              1/1     Running   1          13m

The plugin that can be added to your shell init.

function _kcl() {
  if [[ -z "$1" && -z "$2" ]]; then
    \kubectl -n $KUBESPACE "$@"
    return 0
  if [[ ! -z "$1" && "$1" == "project" && -z "$2" ]]; then
      echo "Current project: $KUBESPACE"
      echo "Usage: $0 project <namespace>"
      return 1
  if [[ ! -z "$1"  && "$1" == "project" && ! -z $2 ]]; then
    export KUBESPACE="$2"
    echo "Set current project to $KUBESPACE"
    return 0
    \kubectl -n $KUBESPACE "$@"
    return 0
alias kubectl='_kcl'