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Category: cycling

Century Ride With a Twist

This weekend I decided to do another century ride on the cycle. I currently ride an early 80s Panasonic Sport LX. This ride will take me through some beautiful hilly areas in central Texas. This trip was a little different though. I’ve been getting into botanising lately, and this trip was going to be a way to get out and make some plant observations while on the bike ride. After listening to the podcast Crime Pays but Botany Doesn’t, I became inspired to become more familiar with the landscape we live in.

Tour de Taiwan

This is a Giant Cycling Adventures trip that was inspired from my first trip to Taiwan and biking the countryside. This trip is a formal tour that circles the entire island! Day 1 - Starting in Florida My trip began as a business trip in Tampa. I woke up around 4AM and caught a taxi to the airport to get on a flight Houston. The trip connected in Houston and then to Japan via ANA Airlines.


A weekend trip to Canada! This adventure was another cycling-inspired trip that had me visiting the beautiful Canadian province of Nova Scotia. After hearing about the terrific cycling infrastructure in the Halifax area, I decided it was well worth a trip up for a long weekend. At the time I was traveling for business to the Washington D.C. area, and I was already booking travel every weekend. This was a great opportunity, because I was already on the east coast, so Halifax was not to difficult to get to.