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Category: work

Kube Sticky Project

One of the main things I missed going from RedHat Openshift to vanilla Kubernetes is the concept of switching projects. An Openshift project is simply a context associated with a particular namespace. However projects/namespaces can be switched and all subsequent commands will inherit that namespace scope. This saves me the trouble of attaching -n namespace to each and every command. I decided to write a quick and dirty ZSH plugin to take care of this by adding a kubectl project command.

JenkinsX on Kubernetes Cluster-API

JenkinsX is the next iteration of the Jenkins CI engine that is geared towards a cloud-native kubernetes setting. Instead of the more broad approach taken previously, JenkinsX focuses on Kubernetes native continuous-integration by relying on an engine Tekton to define its jobs and pipelines inside of kubernetes. Cluster-API AWS I’m using CAPA Cluster-API provider for AWS as my workload Kubernetes cluster. I manage this cluster locally with a control plane defined using Kind.