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My trip to Germany was inspired from a 3 year study of German in school. I had decided to take a holiday in the early part of 2019 because I had holidays to use up of else they would be taken away! Because of this, I decided to book a trip to someplace in Europe. Because I also have a friend that lives in Germany, I decided it would be nice to visit her too.

Portland Weekend

Planning & Prep After taking a trip to Iceland with my brother and friend, we began looking at the next adventure. This time, we decided to keep it inside of the country. We also kept the trip duration to a 4 days over a long weekend. The plan was to visit the Pacific coast and concentrate around Portland Oregon. Since we had already gone through the experience of booking an inter nation trip, this turn would be much easier.

My trip to Taiwan and Việt Nam - Closing

Closing Remarks & Wrap-up I spent some of that flight writing up this blog post, listening to music, and sleeping. It has been a fulfilling but tiring two weeks. I need some time to process everything. As I write this memoir of such a life-changing trip, I cannot but stop and think about what a blessing this opportunity was. The ability to visit such a different place. The process of trusting despite the unknown.

My trip to Taiwan and Việt Nam - Part 2

Day 7 Taiwan The last day in Vietnam. I awoke early at Giang’s, ate some chè for breakfast, and left 6AM via grab to Sân Bay Nội Bài. I arrived at the airport, and found the ticket check-in. I thought I was going to be late since I had to check my box of goodies I acquired in Vietnam. I spoke to a lady while I was in line and she directed me to the front so I can check in.

My trip to Taiwan and Việt Nam

Well. Finally got around to putting this old website together. Neat thing about it - powered by Jekyll and I can use Markdown to author my posts. It actually is a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. Preparing for Travel Last year I finally bit the bullet and decided make it a goal to do a major trip each year. Part of the mentality, required me to step out of my comfort zone of life and routine, and just go for it!

Iceland Trip

Iceland Trip We took a vacation to Iceland over April 26 to May 6th. The idea to take the trip was motivated by a desire to experience something fresh with friends and to explore a new area for the first time. This would be the first real vacation I had gone on through our own planning and idea. I decided to begin research as I was made aware of the cheap flights to Scandinavia through WOW Airlines by a friend.