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Century Ride With a Twist

This weekend I decided to do another century ride on the cycle. I currently ride an early 80s Panasonic Sport LX. This ride will take me through some beautiful hilly areas in central Texas. This trip was a little different though. I’ve been getting into botanising lately, and this trip was going to be a way to get out and make some plant observations while on the bike ride.

After listening to the podcast Crime Pays but Botany Doesn’t, I became inspired to become more familiar with the landscape we live in. He makes some good points about the natural beauty that is out there, and to use the app iNaturalist. This is a great network of natural photos with or without identification and the community can track and list different species based on location. I installed the app and set off on this cycle ride.

Cycling Route

If you want to follow my observations, this is my iNaturalist profile